Dua e Jawshan Kabir Mola Muhammad



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# 1st on App Store, Dua-e-Jawshan (Arabic: دعا جوشن ) in original Arabic script and transliteration with translation both in Urdu and English languages #

Bald al Ameen o Misbaah Kaf’amee relates from Fourth Imam Zayn ul Aabideen [as] who narrates from his father Imam Ali [as] who heard the Prophet Muhammad [saww] say that Angel Jibrael [as] brought this Dua to the Prophet [saww] during a battle when Prophet [saww] was wearing an uncomfortable armour. Angel Jibrael [as] said ‘your Lord sends Salaam to you and Asks to remove this heavy armour and read this Dua for this will be the Protection for You and Your Umma.

It is also related that if written on the coffin (kafan) God would not want to burn such a person in Hellfire. Anyone who reads this Dua on the first night of the month of fasting (Ramazan) with true heart will have the good fortune to observe the Miraculous Night (Shab-e-Qadr) and God will create 70,000 angels for him to pray (Tasbeeh o Taqdees) and the person will get the reward for this. Whoever reads this Dua thrice in the month of fasting (Ramazan) God will forbid Hellfire on him, he will surely enter Paradise (Janna) and two angels will be appointed to protect him from sin and throughout his life.





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